Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Commons...

Just checking in to share some exciting news...

Summer is here, and our kids are super happy to be out of school!

Jim went to Thailand with Gobal Youth Volunteer Network and it was amazing time of catching up with old friends, and catching new vision for our work there on the Burma border. It was fantastic.

Our local YWAM expression has moved into our new operating home!

We are working out of a mobile home that sits in the heart of the neighborhood where we focus our work.
And our work consists of relationship building. We are being a presence there and making ourselves available to be known.
Our daily work is really just hanging out, sharing coffee and talks, playing games with the kids there, and being a support to the adults living there.

Life is hard for a lot of people. Poverty, addiction, family struggles, limited jobs, or plenty of jobs but not enough pay... mental illness, isolation, and loneliness.
Theses are things that anybody and everybody face at various points in their life.
But to walk with someone through these issues, helping them to understand that they are not alone in their suffering goes an extremely long way in building real community.

We are planning our first 'Open-House' info night to express to the neighborhood what it is us weirdos are doing there, In this time we will hear from the community itself what their concerns are, and how we can assist them in moving toward their goals of wholeness.
We are excited.
It's a slow, long-road approach. But that's ok. In the end we hope to have real, lasting friendships there as we work to share the good news that Jesus loves us all.

Some things that we are doing:
The first order of business was planting a garden for the community to care for, and to help the neighbors make flower beds at their place. It was a beautiful turnout...

A family lost their trailer to a fire last Christmas. It needs to be removed now, and we have rallied around 15 people from the neighborhood to help us tear it down and get it out so they can move on and not be stuck with paying lot rent on a burned out house.

Kids keep showing up to hang out, water the garden, and make cool things.

We are being invited into family situations to bring peace, order, and support to them.

We are partnering with two local church congregations to spill light and love into this struggling neighborhood, and help them turn it into a vibrant, loving community.

We are so blessed to have this opportunity.

Ways that you can help...

We need money. Personally, and corporately.

It takes money to run on, and to do awesome things. You can give if you'd like on this here PayPal button.  Just indicate that it's for either *The Sustars, or *The Commons, and you can receive a tax-receipt. Thank you!

If you'd like to volunteer, you are welcome to contact us, have a talk, get a little orientation, and we'll do this stuff together.

Please pray for us as we journey through. Thank you!

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