Sunday, July 12, 2015

Greeting from Youth With A Mission, ‘The Commons’. 
This name is derived from the desire to create and share common space where relationships can flourish.
It has been an exciting year with a lot of changes.

The work that we are doing there is all wrapped up in the simplicity of relationship-building. We are creating space for people (kid and adults) to simply be. 
There’s something beautiful about hospitality and table-sharing. It opens up so many places in people’s lives that otherwise would remain shut.
Our daily activities have involved simple creative arts, sports, and games.
When people enter ‘The Commons’ there is often water/coffee to share, sandwiches and veggies to serve, but there’s always  a place for people to belong.
In fact, many of the folks that frequently visit have expressed that it is one of the few places that they feel accepted, and where they belong without having to try. 
Also, this has translated into a sense of ownership. We believe that if people know that they belong, then they will understand a responsibility of ownership, and then in turn often natural leadership and care/concern, and creativity will emerge.
Some younger children are learning about hygiene, personal boundaries/safety. Some are learning how to interact socially in an appropriate manner. Some teen-agers are discovering their own natural leadership capabilities, and their ability to learn new things. 
Some have expressed a desire to learn a new language, a musical instrument, and other visual arts skills.
This is very exciting, and we aim to foster these aspirations here at ‘The Commons’.
We have been encouraging simple math practice to stay sharp over the summer months, and encouraging kids to stay positive about their education. 
Parents have begun to spend time with us on a more regular basis. We’ve had the blessing of being able to pray with and encourage many adults here who are struggling.

So, that’s how the summer is going, and we are excited to enter into the school year with fresh vision for after-school opportunities for kids, and spaces of time for adults to come and be refreshed and encouraged.
Please pray for us... there's a lot of work to do!

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