Thursday, November 6, 2014

Moving Forward...

Hey there folks.
Just chiming in to tell more of the story.
It's been three months since we decided to launch out again as full-time-non-salary missionaries.
The difference this time around is that we are continuing the work we are called to do, but in Wayne County Ohio.
It's freezing lately... and wet. We are figuring out again how to stay warm.

We've been focusing on two neighborhoods lately. We're making ourselves available to people like Jesus did. Pretty broad description, I know.
But the beautiful part of it is that it's so simple. I'm not saying that it's easy work at all, just that it doesn't have to be complicated.
 Programs don't need to be started, nor do heaps of overhead need to be acquired before we you set out to respond to the needs of others...

We are just supposed to arrive at the place where people are suffering alone, and extend our hearts to them. Open our hands.
One neighborhood in particular that we've been hanging out in, is getting really exciting.

It's full of families, kids, elderly, parolees, addicts, single moms, and just folks who are trying to make it through the day.
We've been spending time getting to know their stories, and sharing ours. The cool part is, now we are a part of each other's stories.
Sometimes we are social-workers. Sometimes we are pastors. Sometimes we are a resource-connection. Sometimes we're counselors, listeners...
But at the end of the day, we are simply a friend.

Isn't that just what everybody is crying out for? To belong? To be found? To have someone just to sit with?

Our family doesn't think that we're special, and we certainly do not want to exploit something so precious as friendship... we're just choosing to spend our full-time life being available to people who are isolated and struggling.

We are partnering with a couple of local churches. At one of which, I (Jimmy) have been teaching/facilitating a class/discussion  to help them unpack concerns for  communities, and assist them in strategic community-building. It's been really cool to be a part of.

Kelly, the kids, and I have been given so much trust in the lives of some families, and it's just awesome to be welcomed in.

People struggle financially, relationally, socially, spiritually. It's hard out there, and we all need to know that we're not alone.
That's the message we hope to send.

Please join us. If you're local and want to know more about how to get involved, let us know!

If you're interested in partnering with us financially, please do! We have raised around 15% of our monthly needs, so we need some help. You can even help through the paypal button on this blog and get a tax-receipt through YWAM Modesto, CA.

We will not stop showing up to turn on the lights where it is dark.

Thanks for coming along,