Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Being Present

It's difficult for some folks to understand exactly
What we do here at The Commons.
Perhaps because we're not trying to solve everybody's problems... and problems are distracting.
They tempt us to focus only on issues, and not so much on people.
A good way to look at this would be that it's more about what God is doing. We're just showing up.
Being present. Being available. Allowing for the unforced rhythms of grace to unravel.
In our showing up, trust is being built. Friendship is being born. Kids are being fed. They're learning how to treat each other, getting educational help, and being affirmed with dignity.
Adults are finding faith, pouring out their hearts, finding refreshment and hope... discovering they are more capable than they realized.
We let grace wash over us each day that we spend in this neighborhood, in the form of listening ears, open hearts, coffee, and a peanut butter sandwich.
And we are being changed and formed by the gospel. By the power of God that saves us.
So steady on we go.
Being present is the way God befriended us in Jesus.
What greater thing could be done?