Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy New Year

Here in Wayne County Ohio, we are continuing in our relationship-building with families and individuals, and we're focusing our local work in one neighborhood.

A lot of families are in need. Poverty, educational delays, injustice, addiction, neglect, and isolation...These are widespread issues that are found just about everywhere you go.

People need help. People need friendship.

The best way to teach someone how not to be afraid of the dark, is to be in it with them.

So, that is what we are trying to do.
With that comes practical resource-connection, educational development, hospitality, community development, and spiritual renewal.

It's a 'long-road resolve', instead of only a pragmatic way of thinking. We are excited to share life with folks in a deeper way.

Some new things...

We are now an official Youth With A Mission operating location!

Our YWAM community in Modesto, California is now also our 'sending base' and  we are partnering together to be a Creative Compassionate Community that spans across the USA, Canada, and beyond. This is a really exciting endeavor. Check out where we're coming from Here

We are also partnering with Global Youth Volunteer Network based in Ontario, Canada. Teaching, learning, and doing 'acts of justice' around the world with University students. GYVN also focuses greatly on justice issues concerning indigenous people in North America and abroad, working to create change, hope, and healing. Check them out Here

Also, a local church congregation here owns a mobile home in one neighborhood that we are focused on. They have recognized a natural partnership with us, and have offered the home to us to use in our ministry operations!
This will allow us to have a presence in the neighborhood for all kinds of cool things...

office space, tutoring, counseling, after-school programs, neighborhood leadership initiatives, hospitality, and more.

This will be a beautiful 'Common Space' created for people to just 'be'.

This we believe, is essential to building relationships and making way for others to discover/display their own gifts, abilities, and potential.

We are excited to embark further down the road together with a community of like-minded friends that are going in the same direction.

Would you join us?

We need help financially as a family. We have raised around 60% of our needed support.

If you'd like to help, you can use the PayPal button above, and support goes directly through YWAM Modesto, then directly to us (be sure to make a note *Sustar Project of direction of funds). You can receive a tax-deductible receipt that way.

And please pray for us. We need that too, a lot.

If you would like to join us and volunteer, please drop us a line here in the comments and we will get in touch with you.

Thank you for reading... Peace and all good.


  1. So excellent to hear how things are evolving with your work over there. Cheering you on!

  2. Jimmy I pray that God blesses you and your family do not do not worry about tomorrow as God feeds the birds of the air the plants trees and flowers that he will provide for you and your family even if it's just a fish I pray that the blood of Jesus permeates through you and touches each soul that you come into contact with you guys are special and a true blessing to everyone and especially to God keep doing what you love and love others and be Jesus to those people we love you!

    Anthony, Zena and Azarias west.